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Cyclonaire Conveying Systems
Cyclonaire Dilute, Semi-Dense and Dense-Phase Pneumatic Conveying Systems
InterSystems Automatic Industrial Samplers
InterSystems Automatic Industrial Samplers

For over 30 years we have been manufacturer’s representatives of quality equipment for the following organizations:

–  Cyclonaire
–  Hayes & Stolz
–  Industrial Magnetics, Inc.
–  InterSystems

–  Monitor Technologies, LLC

Bulk material handling solutions include pneumatic conveying systems, screw conveyors, tubular drag conveyors, batch mixers, continuous blenders, bucket elevators, permanent magnets, electromagnets, automatic industrial samplers, silo level indicators, continuous level sensors, solids flow instrumentation and much more.

Our sales / application engineering experience spans a diverse range of industries from grain, food & pharmaceutical to cement, rubber, minerals, chemical, plastics and recycling.

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Monitor Level Sensors on Silo
Monitor Technologies Level Sensors
Industrial Magnetics, Inc. Magnets
Industrial Magnetics, Inc. Magnetic Separation Equipment
Hayes & Stolz High Performance Mixing and Material Handling
Hayes & Stolz Mixing and Material Handling Equipment